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La Carte Des Massages

DEBORAH BEAUTE offers a range of treatments and services which will guarantee you relaxation, calm and relaxation while having anti-aging actions. Discover the services we have to offer below.

Des Soins Spécialisés rien que pour vous

Massage Visage Kobido paris, facialiste paris

Soin Sculptant KOBIDO

KOBIDO Sculpting Massage for 1 hour at €95


It is a tailor-made massage that adapts to the needs of your skin.


This invigorating and gentle manual facial treatment is a real choreography. It alternately integrates smoothing, kneading, percussion, vibration, acupressure and stretching.

It acts on the skin, muscular, bone, vascular and nervous systems by boosting cellular metabolism. It generates deep muscle stimulation which resculpts your face. This gives it real anti-aging and lifting power.

In my Kobido Sculpting massage protocol, you will find the Intra-Oral massage, which allows you to reach the muscles more deeply.


An occasional massage provides a boost of radiance and relaxes. A more regular treatment (1 weekly then monthly session) helps slow down skin aging by firming tissues and promoting collagen production.

1 Session 1 hour at 95€

Cure 5 Sessions 400€

Cure 10 Sessions 700€

Anti-aging facial massage Paris, Japanese smoothing massage, facialist massage Paris

Massage Signature Régénérant

Regenerating Signature Massage from 1h15 to €115*

It is a tailor-made massage that adapts to the needs and condition of your skin at the moment.

Laid on the face, neckline and head, this anti-aging massage  improves the quality of tissues and volumes by restoring a feeling of balance.

In this unique massage, in addition to manual choreography, you will find the use of Ayurvedic tools such as the Kansa Wand, as well as Gua Sha, Face Cup (suction cup), Cryo Spoon... these tools help activate blood circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage, gives a boost to your skin

A small part of my Signature treatment includes the Intra-Oral massage which allows you to reach the muscles of the lower face in depth, as well as a Relaxing Head massage.

This facial treatment generates deep muscle stimulation which resculpts your face. This gives it real anti-aging and lifting power.

An occasional massage provides a boost of radiance and relaxes. A more regular treatment (1 weekly then monthly session) helps slow down skin aging by firming tissues and promoting collagen production.

1 Session 1h15 at 115€

Cure 5 Sessions 450€

Cure 10 Sessions 800€

massage ayurvedique, massage visage paris, facialiste paris, deborah beaute paris

Massage Ayurvédique Kansa Wand

Kansa Wand Ayurvedic Massage 45 minutes at 60€


The Kansa Wand facial massage combines the natural virtues of the metals and minerals present in bronze and Ayurvedic philosophy, so as to benefit from their powerful therapeutic benefits.


The majority of clients who request a Kansa Wand facial massage want to minimize fine lines, tone and lift muscles, relieve sinus congestion or overall tension in the face or neck.


The Kansa Wand via its application on vital points (marma points) will be very beneficial thanks to the properties of copper and tin present in this alloy.

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1 Session 45 minutes at 60€

Cure 5 Sessions 260€

Cure 10 Sessions 550€

massage relaxant , massage cranien paris , facialiste paris

Massage Relaxant Visage et Crâne

Relaxing Face and Skull Massage 45 minutes €55

This facial and head massage originates from Japan. It provides great relaxation, calm and serenity. It releases all tensions in the body, detoxifies the body and promotes better blood and lymphatic irrigation.

 The pressure exerted on the reflex points resolves blockages in the circulation of energies and allows better movement of the energy flow.


This massage is particularly indicated for nervous people

1 Session 45 minutes €55

massage guasha, massage kobido paris, deborah beaute

Soin Visage Gua Sha & Cryo Spoon

Massage Face Sculpting at Gua Sha 50 minutes at 80€


A sculpting beauty tool, Gua Sha is a revolutionary treatment that relieves tension in facial muscles to give you a radiant and healthy complexion.

This massage works on lymphatic circulation by evacuating toxins and stimulating the circulation of energies in a global or targeted manner.

The Gua Sha massage very quickly provides a healthy glow effect. Freed from toxins, skin is brighter and less prone to acne, rosacea or other types of imperfections.

An effective anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatment, it activates the acupressure points of the face in depth, thus acting on areas of swelling such as bags and dark circles. A complete treatment which is carried out using a semi-precious stone allowing you to increase its benefits tenfold.


Intended to fight against stagnant energy and treat inflammation, this facial massage is aimed at all women who want to take care of themselves and particularly those feeling the need to detoxify and decongest their face by offering it a stroke of brilliance. A non-invasive and most pleasant way to preserve youth and luminosity of the complexion.


Result ? Lifted skin session after session, a rejuvenated face and smoothed wrinkles.

An occasional session, for radiance and erasing the signs of stress and fatigue.

In regular sessions (minimum 6, once or twice a week) to give a youthful boost and slow down the signs of aging.

1 Session 50 minutes at 80€

Cure 5 Sessions 300€

Cure 10 Sessions 630€

massage anti age kobido, facialiste paris, deborah beaute

Offre Découverte Soin Facialiste

Personalized Massage 45 minutes €50*


Have you never been to see a Facialist? 

You have little time and you want to have a personalized offer based on your skin, the discovery offer is made for you.

*Valid only once per person, offer only available at my workshop in Paris 9

massage visage anti age, face contour massage, face sculpt massage, face sculptin massage, massage sculptant, massage liftant , massage anti age

Face Contour Massage

Face Contour Massage  45 Minutes €80


It is a massage lasting 45 minutes and 100% manual, there are no tools in this massage.


This massage is divided into two parts.


The first aims to stimulate the facial muscles to oxygenate and stretch them.

It is a deep massage on the muscle fibers which releases facial tension.

The muscles are therefore heated, a blood flow is created, while sculpting according to the bony morphology of the face. The oval is redrawn and toned, the cheekbones are enhanced. 

This is called Face Contouring.


The second part is the Intra-Oral massage.

I then put on a pair of gloves and grab the subcutaneous muscles while working the external part (tapping, vibrations, muscle stretching, etc.). This double massage works on the muscular unctions around the mouth,

plumps the nasolabial fold, lips and perioral wrinkles.


Result thanks to the Face Contour Massage you will find a relaxed, lifted face and plumped skin. 

The key is the remarkable rejuvenating effect.

The balance of volumes is found coupled with a luminosity of the complexion.


Face Contour Massage 45 minutes €80 at home in Paris.

It is possible to have a massage at my workshop in Paris Opéra and you benefit from a 20% discount on this massage, or €64.

massage Intra Buccal, intra buccal massage, massage intra buccal paris ,

Massage Intra Buccal

Intra-oral massage intensely relaxes the facial muscles which tend to accumulate tension. 

It restores vitality and tone to the muscles, releases tension and oxygenates the tissues while restarting exchanges.

Thanks to these technical gestures carried out inside the mouth, the work of the area is complete.


These exercises allow you to smooth out bags, wrinkles and fine lines on the bottom and center of the face while providing a real feeling of well-being and relaxation. 


I integrate intraoral massage into Signature Regenerating Massages and KOBIDO Sculpting.


Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions if you have any.


I travel to your home in Paris and it is possible to come and have a massage at my workshop in central Paris (a 20% discount will be given to you).

massage visage kobido paris, massage anti age paris domicile, facialiste a domicile paris,

Offrez une carte Cadeau Massage

You have a gift to give, you don't have an idea?

A tailor-made facial massage is a great option for a gift idea.

From €70 for a one-hour massage at home in Paris.

All services include a trip to your location.home in Paris. Do not hesitate to contact me if you live elsewhere. It is also possible to have a massage at my workshop in Paris 9, you will then benefit from a 20% discount on the price displayed (excluding treatment and special prices mentioned).

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